South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit, artist run, alternative art organization supporting advanced explorations in contemporary art. SBC SoLA seeks curators and artists who are tapping into today’s current to bring forth exhibitions and experiences that give new perspective to our global culture. SBC SoLA is a place for imagination to flourish as creative fusions, hybrids and fictions illuminate the future.

At the LOFT

401 South Mesa Street, third level
San Pedro, Californina 90731
(Call when you arrive for entry)
Phone: (310) 429-0973

About Us

About South Bay Contemporary

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South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit art organization supporting advanced explorations in Contemporary art. SBC SoLA welcomes curators and artists who are tapping into issues of our time to produce and present art that expands on current perspectives of diverse culture.  SBC SoLA  connects local, national and international artists providing an innovative place for community to discover creative freedom within the open structure of contemporary art.


Our Mission:

South Bay Contemporary SoLA connects the South Bay and Los Angeles communities through contemporary art, with innovative projects and high quality exhibitions reflecting our diverse culture and today’s issues.

Our Vision:

Develop a new, relevant contemporary art with local community interaction and international participation, with artistic and curatorial experimentation.

What We Do:

SBC SoLA hosts multiple events each year including art exhibitions, performances, artist talks, critique groups, educational workshops and more. Each program combines contemporary art with topics related to outside disciplines such as science and humanities. Some of our past shows have focused on environmental consciousness, Native American activists, relationships between art and science, Object Oriented Ontology and more.

The world is constantly evolving with breakthroughs in science, technology, philosophy, even politics. As the world changes so does contemporary thought and understanding.  By bridging South Bay with LA and combining contemporary art with local cultural issues and real-world developments, SBC SoLA brings focus and perspective in a way that provokes thought and consideration.

Goals:  SBC SoLA is an all volunteer run, non profit art organization.  Our objective is to gather a community of artists and supporters who would like to collaborate and help establish programming in art education, exhibitions and events encompassing art of our contemporary culture.

Who We Are:

Between them, these leaders bring a vast wealth of experience and knowledge relating to art, fundraising, and the South Bay. They have connections throughout the art world and are linked in to some of the more prominent local education establishments.