South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit, artist run, alternative art organization supporting advanced explorations in contemporary art. SBC SoLA seeks curators and artists who are tapping into today’s current to bring forth exhibitions and experiences that give new perspective to our global culture. SBC SoLA is a place for imagination to flourish as creative fusions, hybrids and fictions illuminate the future.

At the LOFT

401 South Mesa Street, third level
San Pedro, Californina 90731
(Call when you arrive for entry)
Phone: (310) 429-0973


Carolyn Laliberte

We are reviewing new artists for 2018 critique groups now.

It is open to all members and future members who join at Friend Level.  Please read the guidelines below.
We are now forming groups to begin in January 2018
The monthly reviews will be constructive and help you talk about your own work and other’s work, receive valuable feedback and give input.  This is an opportunity to develop long term and meaningful relationships with other artists.  We are starting year 2.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call:  310 429 0973

Guide lines:  Submit 4 jpgs of your art work

and join SBC membership at Friend Level

Click here to join –  SBC Membership

Art work must show development of a series that shows a unified concept or idea.  All media will be considered for review.
Send 4 images as jpgs to  

(subject line:  Review / Exhibition)

8 – 12  artists will be accepted per GROUP

  • 8 – 12 qualified artists per group (preferably live in same region)
  • one day per month for a year
  • Monthly Group visit to each studio

    Linda Jo Russell, Critique

  • Final Show hosted by SBC
  • Professional review by a well know critic/artist/writer
  • Followed by public reception

Questions?  Call 310 429 0973

Current members:  John Hogan, Gloria Lee, Anita Kroeger,

Morgan Britt, Margie Rust, Linda Jo Russell, Kim Kohler,

Federica Campagnari, Carolyn LaLiberte, Peggy Sivert,

Frank Maimone, Nate Jones, Mary Tarango, Ben Zask,

Shelley Heffler, Sylvia Greer, Julie Bender.

Interactions:  Looking at a Year  April 2017  Critique Group Exhibition