South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit, artist run, alternative art organization supporting advanced explorations in contemporary art. SBC SoLA seeks curators and artists who are tapping into today’s current to bring forth exhibitions and experiences that give new perspective to our global culture. SBC SoLA is a place for imagination to flourish as creative fusions, hybrids and fictions illuminate the future.

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401 South Mesa Street, third level
San Pedro, Californina 90731
(Call when you arrive for entry)
Phone: (310) 429-0973


South Bay Contemporary has developed as a non profit organization over the course of 10 years. Your support is vital in sustaining our exhibitions, residencies and community programs.

We have worked with 1000s of artists, giving them opportunity to experiment with media , develop new perspectives on civic and social issues, and broaden their scope on what art can be. Now, more than ever, we need to give artists a place for their voice to be heard and to depend on that place to exhibit, perform, experiment, educate and develop.

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*Ace Patrons is an exclusive group for those who are committed to supporting contemporary artists. Your contribution underwrites the development of the SBC new space, artists residencies, exhibitions, educational workshops and events that showcase the works of Contemporary art. With access to outstanding artists, local, national and international, you gain the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about contemporary art and the creative process. You will have opportunity to meet the artists and spend personal time with them.

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