South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit, artist run, alternative art organization supporting advanced explorations in contemporary art. SBC SoLA seeks curators and artists who are tapping into today’s current to bring forth exhibitions and experiences that give new perspective to our global culture. SBC SoLA is a place for imagination to flourish as creative fusions, hybrids and fictions illuminate the future.

At the LOFT

401 South Mesa Street, third level
San Pedro, Californina 90731
(Call when you arrive for entry)
Phone: (310) 429-0973

Studio Art


Workshops take place on Weekends 2 -4 p.m.

The workshops are taught by professional artists, and admission and materials are free. All ages, children and adults are welcome!

The exhibition “In Pursuit of Beauty” will be on view in the gallery. Exhibiting artists will lead the workshops.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Peggy Sivert


Join artist Peggy Sivert and have fun making inventive sculptures. You will begin by making a framework using wire (bones). Then complete your one-of-a-kind form with papier-mâché (skin).  Ms. Sivert will guide you through the process and show you how she creates wonderfully nuanced mixed media sculptures!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nicholette Kominos

Hand-made Books

Inspired by the tradition of experimental artists’ books, explore and imagine new ways to design a book. With artist Nicholette Kominos we will use or fuse craft, construction, fine art materials and techniques, to find an approach that is enjoyable and suits your style.  A variety of materials will be provided such as oil pastels, newspapers, plastic vending capsules, fancy tape, and rainbow glitter.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ben Zask

Assemblage Sculpture

Be creative and eco friendly as you make an assemblage sculpture. Be inspired by artist Ben Zask ‘s imaginative and contemporary techniques as he shows you how to use “found” wood, metal, and other types of treasures to create your original object. You will secure the parts using glue, wire, screws, and nuts & bolts! Also, Mr. Zask’s graceful sculptures will be on view in the gallery.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Special Closing Event: 3-6 p.m.

Talking About Sculpture. Peggy Sivert will discuss her work as a sculptor.

“In Pursuit of Beauty” Videos

Enjoy 3 minute videos about each artist. Exhibiting artists will be in attendance.

Past Workshops

March 2018 Events:  On view at the gallery: Nest of Sadness, Eva Malhotra and Tender Ground, Pam Smith Hudson & Kristan Marvell. The exhibiting artists will lead the workshops!

Saturday, March 10th  

Kristan Marvell


Have fun making abstract sculptures from carved chunks of Styrofoam.  We will use collage material to enhance designs and wood skewers to secure the structures to create beautiful forms. The sculptor Kristan Marvell will be on hand to share techniques and discuss how he turns his Styrofoam sculptures into bronze.

Saturday,March 17th

Eva Malhotra

SGRAFFITO: Drawing Workshop

Eva Malhotra makes jewel-like paintings by first building up layers of colored paint then carving into the layers, to create colorful shapes, lines, and forms. In this workshop we will begin with a similar method. The artist will demonstrate and guide us through the process answering any questions you may have about your work or hers!

Sunday, March 25th

Pamela Smith Hudson

Mono Prints

Join printmaker and painter Pamela Smith Hudson for a workshop to learn

how to easily make your own mono prints, an especially fun method for kids or first-time printmakers. Also, Smith Hudson’s mixed media paintings will be on exhibit so that you can see how she incorporates printmaking with collage and other fine art processes to construct her subtle and beautiful abstract work.



The workshops are taught by professional artists, and admission and materials are free.                                All ages, children and adults are welcome!                                                                                                             South Bay Contemporary SoLA is a non-profit gallery.

Address: 3718 W Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90043

Gallery hours: 1 -5 p.m, Saturdays and by appointment. South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery connects the South Bay and Los Angeles communities through contemporary art, with innovative projects and high-quality exhibitions reflecting our diverse culture and today’s issues.

Past Projects

Artist Residency and Exhibition:  Sudrak Khongpuang, Thailand

January 12 – February 24, 2018

A Tale of Two Shores

South Bay Contemporary at (Zask Studios) Portuguese Bend, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

A reception for the exhibition will be held at SoLA Gallery on February 24, 4-7 pm.

With a vivid visual memory and oil colors in various earthy shades, Thai artist Sudrak Khongpuang approaches her canvas, intent on creating the lush landscape that has brought her happiness since childhood. She devoted the first six years of her career to discovering the medium and content that she produces now: surreal displays of nature with a vibrancy and attentiveness akin to viewing the world with young eyes. But she visits California from Thailand for a residency and exhibition with South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery to explore her skills, adopt new concepts, and, of course, acquire more memories to tap for inspiration.

Meeson Pae Yang

Residency and Exhibition at SoLA Gallery

July – August 2017

Meeson Pae Yang
SoLA Gallery residency

Meeson will be in SBC SoLA Gallery for the month of June 2017 working on art that will be for her solo exhibition in August 2017.  She will be working on large ink paintings on mylar and canvas to start, then moving on to installations and sculptures. She plans to work at SoLA 4-5 days a week and the Gallery will be open to public to meet and talk to the artist on Wednesdays 10 am – 4pm through June.

Meeson Pae Yang Statement

The work explores the convergence of science, technology and mythology into a thickly layered stratum of images and objects reflecting systems within nature. Intersections and parallels in systems become unfolding metaphors and imagery to dissect and explore. Much of the work begins by extracting simple elements and then expanding, repeating, and extending these components into transmuted conglomerations.

The process of the work involves a methodical collecting of artifacts, images, and sounds to synthesize and compress into expansive visual fields. Working in a variety of media from painting, video, sculpture and installation, each medium is a tool to process natural phenomena from the microscopic to the macroscopic.



Sustainable Art Workshop for all ages!

September 10, 11:00 – 1:00 2016 pm at the LOFT

Join Curator, Tracey Weiss, along with Peggy Sivert Zask and Elizabeth Kniesley to create your own sustainable art using materials we provide or bring along your own post consumer waste (paper, cardboard, slides, plastic bottles, plastic bags, fabric remnants etc).  All ages are welcome.












 Past Student workshops

SKYLINE:  Student art workshops, May 20, 2016

Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School in San Pedro visits South Bay Contemporary.                                      Susan Hadeshi, 2nd grade classroom teacher, Ben Zask, Curator and Art Instructor









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