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Dear President, Artist Talk

February 19, 2017

Cie Gumucio, Letters Installation

Artist Talk.

50 Artists gathered to place their letter along with a catalog all 50 artists’ letters and images of artwork into Priority Mailer that was sent to the President at the White House.  The box was mailed on February 21, 2017.

Artists in the Talk:

Artists speakers.


Pictured L-R

Steve Fujimoto, Rick Dallago, Narsiso Martinez, Curtis Taylor, Claudia Bear, Kate Carvellas, Tatiana Savchenko, Tom Miller, Kuniko Ruch, Peggy Sivert, Michael Chomick, Karena Massengill, Daggi Wallace, Sheri Leigh O’Conner, Cintia Alejandra Segovia, Kathi Flood


John Dingler, Artist and John Kiriakou, whistle blower – speakers

View Highlights of Artist Talk here:

Dear President Artist Talk Video  by Elizabeth Kniesley

 The catalog of art and letters can be viewed and purchased here:

 Dear President Catalog



Participating Artists in Exhibition:

 Claudia Bear, Kate Carvellas, Darice Chang, Michael Chomick, Annie Clavel, Preston Craig, Gina Cunningham, Rick Dallago, Teresita DeLaTorre, John Dingler, Edem Elesh, Paige Emery, Luis Favela, Kathi Flood, Scott Froschauer, Steve Fujimoto, Richelle Gribble, Elwing Gonzalez, Cie Gumucio, Benjamin Jancewicz, Julian Kehle, Janet Le, Sheri Leigh O’Conner, Eva Kolosvary-Stupler, Mona-Lisa Lind, Duncan Linthicum, Ann Mann Lynch, Gina M., Zachary Mendoza, Narsiso Martinez, Karena Massengill, Zachary Mendoza, Mary Milelzcik, Tom Miller, Ellen November, Michelle Nunes, Toni Reinis, Michelle Rozic, Kuniko Ruch, Mati Russo, Tatiana Savchenko, Cintia Alejandra Segovia, Peggy Sivert, Micheal Swank, Curtis Taylor, Daggi Wallace, Tammy West, Bill Zeldis, Raye Zaragoza and Tyler James


Letters to the President (photo by Elizabeth Kniesley)

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