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Ellen Cantor

Title: Rose and Sarah

Medium: Photography

Edition: Edition 2 of 10

Size: 17 x 22 inches

Signed yes

About the collection Visual DNA: The Language of Photographs by Ellen Cantor:

Ellen Cantor’s images are about time, loss and memory. By photographing and re-contextualizing precious memories, she has sought to understand how life proceeds, and then, ultimately disappears. She documents the artifacts of the past in order to enrich the present. Focusing on certain gestures and facial expressions “Visual DNA: The Language of Photographs” introduced another way of deciphering information in photographs and encourages the viewer to ask what is the most important part of an image. Reading parts of the photograph allows the view to interpret the image through their own experiences. Mysterious connections create a different reality for each viewer. Using family vintage photographs, “Visual DNA: The Language of Photographs” suggests the passing of time and the fading nature of memory. The images challenge us to “read” and interpret a photograph filling in the visual language and context as best we can.


Additional sizes (contact gallery)

13 x 19 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches

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