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Sandy Abrams

Title: Another Bad Hair Day

Medium: Rattan and cloth on a metal base

Date of work: 2018

Size: 50 x 25 x 25 inches

Signed yes

About the artist, Sandy Abrams:

Sandy Abrams work crosses many media. By using felt, metal, wood, clay, paper and various fibers, she often makes non-functional sculptural objects that echo a direct connection to the natural world and to her life’s experiences. Coming from a ceramics background, the vessel form has always been one of her interests, for it suggests containment or concealment. Even though these forms may not be always accessible, they can generate a sense of volume. She likes to use a variety of natural resources that are environmentally friendly and reusable. Process is the key word, whether it is the frequent motions of twining, felting, stitching, punching holes, or tying knots, a sense of centeredness is created by the repetitious work. In fact, many times these periods become quite meditative – a wholesome break from the busy urban life of Los Angeles, for while she humanizes the material, it naturalizes her.


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